About Us

Hey, all you fellow dog lovers!

My name is Alyssa & I'm the owner of

Buddies & Babes Boutique.

Let me introduce you to my dogmily.

Buddie (aka Kai) is the handsome fella on the left. He's my only pup-son & loves it that way. Babe (aka Lady) is the gorgeous girl in the middle. She's the eldest of the three, as well as, of my two pup-ters. Baby (aka Maya) is the little cutie on the right. She's my youngest pup-ter & the newest addition to our dogmily.

I Dream of Dogs

Buddies & Babes Boutique has been a part of my lifelong dream career since I was five years old. I've always known I wanted my career to involve dogs in some way. As soon as I was old enough, I began volunteering at my local animal shelter. I did that until I was old enough to take on jobs as a dog sitter & dog walker. I then got a job at a 24/7 vet; ER; & dog boarding facility. I recently received my bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, so this online dog boutique was the next step in making my dream career come to life.

Eventually, I'd like to open a doggie hotel & a brick & mortar boutique here in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, but it won't end there.

Buddies & Babes Boutique; the doggie hotel; & the physical boutique location are all avenues of revenue to help fund the animal shelter I'll build one day. When the shelter is up & running is when my career dreams will have finally manifested for me & let me tell you...I CAN'T WAIT!

Four-Legged Children

Our dogs aren't just our pets. Right? They're our family; our dogmily; our four-legged children! So, like parents of human kids, dog parents want & love to give their children the best toys to play with & dress them in stylish accessories. They also want & love to show off their parenthood with apparel saying as much, as well as, on novelty items like mugs. Some even dress themselves & their little ones in matching outfits. Our goal, at Buddies & Babes Boutique, is to satisfy those wants. In an effort to do that, we offer a variety of quality, posh items for you & your dogs!

Dog items we carry are leashes, collars, harnesses, bandanas, clothing, toys, & more! And for you, we have items that match your dog, dog parent shirts, mugs, & more! If you have a suggestion for products you'd like to see on our site, by all means, please let us know by emailing sales@buddiesandbabes.co or send a direct message via Facebook or Instagram @shopbuddiesandbabes.